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25. 09. 2015. Ernest Hemingway * klasik * prvi svetski rat * italija
Ernest Hemingway

A Farewell to Arms


I was long overdue to read Farewell to arms, and because of that, or maybe in spite of that I took to read it now.

At first it was kind of hard following these long sentences where you can’t keep track of where one thought ends and the other one starts, but eventually I came to like this mix of thoughts, dreams, day dreams, internal feelings and struggles, for example the half dreamy state in the ammunition train wagon or the inner struggle during the child birth.

I could not identify much with the characters, I did not like/grasp the relationship between Frederic and Cathrine or their motivations (it seemed kind of shallow to me and I did not like her willingness to negate and completely subordinate herself). What I could identify with is the fear and anxiety during the child birth, all the thoughts and their negations that repeatedly came to his mind.

I like the way the weather is described and how it often complements the dominant sentiments of the story.

The end of the book is a real downer. Even though I knew how it will end (in part thanks to the introduction to the book), still I felt really bed when I finished it.

They say that this is the kind of a book that you need to read multiple times, and that on each reading you see it a bit differently, noticing some aspects that you missed the previous time. I surely plan to read it again in couple of years.