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09. 10. 2015. George R.R. Martin * epska fantastika
George R.R. Martin

A Clash of Kings


The book vs HBO series season 1

I already watched seasons 1-5 prior to reading, some of the couple of times, so it was easy to deal with numerous characters and places. I expected the book to differ more to the series, but the season 1 is pretty faithful conversion from one medium to another. I also like the cast choices and their acting; other then most of them being a lot younger in the book, I think that they represent very good their book counterparts. The book is less brutal and explicit then the series.

The book

Knowing everything that will happen stole the suspense from me, but of course I didn’t expect it to be different. Still I was able to enjoy various points of view (it was fun seeing Martin speak in the voices of little girls (Sansa, Arya)), get an insight to the thoughts and feelings of some of the characters and enjoy some of the descriptions. I especially enjoyed the description of the trip to Eyrie and the night climb to the castle.

Style is easy to read without any boring parts, I read it in about a week, reading ~100-150 pages per session.

I expect the next books to introduce more characters and plot lines that were cut from the show or presented differently, so it will be more fun to read…