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07. 02. 2017. George Orwell * Kurt Vonnegut * utopija / distopija * satira
Littell McDougal

Animal Farm and Related Readings


Animal farm / novel by George Orwell – From The rise and fall of the Soviet Union / history by Michael Kort – The Stalin epigram / poem by Osip Mandelstam – The rebellion of the magical rabbits / short story by Ariel Dorfman – Crow song / poem by Margaret Atwood – Harrison Bergeron / short story by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. – The birds / short story by Daphne du Maurier.

Animal Farm is amazing, but the rest of the “related works” are mostly unremarkable. The final two short stories, Harrison Bergeron and The Birds I knew from before, as they were adapted into movies, and it was nice reading the source, but I fail to see how any of them is related to Animal farm.