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Noam Chomsky

On Anarchism

“On Anarchism” is a collection of 5 essays/interview transcripts by Chomsky that came to be in vastly different periods and contexts and were combined, more or less successfully, in order to give an introduction to the concepts of anarchism. It is corroborated by a wealth of citations and references, and the notes section is abundant with additional information.

I would say that this compilation works pretty well, and that after reading it I understand the topic in question much better.

  1. Notes on Anarchism An excellent introduction to evolution of anarchist theories throughout history. It cites ideas of various thinkers and philosophers on the nature of the human freedom and how it may be achieved in relation to the state. It also lists most prominent attempts to achieving that freedom pointing out the failures and the partial gains.

  2. Excerpts from Understanding Power After reading the first essay I was left with a vague idea of the goals of anarchism and what it aims for, but Chomsky mostly restrained himself from much commentary, or to proscribing a recipe on how exactly this may be achieved. This second section is a transcript from an interview in which Chomsky answers some questions that I might have asked him myself after reading the first section. Essentially, he describes why it is something viable that we should strive to instead of being and idealistic utopia.

  3. Part II of “Objectivity and Liberal Scholarship” This section is on biasness and non-objectivity of liberal scholars illustrated with an example of analyses of social revolution that took place during the Spanish civil war. The essay goes in depth by citing many sources, primary and secondary, both sympathetic and unsympathetic to the revolution and trying to shed light on the rise, achievements and suppression of that revolution with focus on interpretation by liberal scholars in comparison with available evidence. Reading this section helped me understand (politics of) Spanish civil war much better.

  4. Interview with Harry Kreisler, from Political Awakenings This is probably the section that least fits topically in the book “On Anarchism”.
    While in all other sections of this book it is Chomsky-scholar speaking about the anarchism, in this transcript of a short interview a more personal relation may be seen.

  5. Language and Freedom This essay is most challenging. To oversimplify it, the way I understood it, it cites attempts by philosophers to describe human nature and its necessity for freedom, also defining this freedom. It analyses why and how all previous and current social orders prevented the full freedom, and suggests that studying language, as a “product of human intelligence that is, for the moment, most accessible to study”, “may contribute to humanistic social science” by projecting “a concept of social organization that would … best encourage and accommodate the fundamental human need … for spontaneous initiative, creative work, solidarity, pursuit of social justice”.

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30. 03. 2016. anarhizam * sociologija / socijalna pravda
Marcos Mayer
Anarchism for Beginners

[ vreme čitanja: ~ 1 min. ]

15. 05. 2016. sociologija / socijalna pravda
Noam Chomsky
Government in the Future

[ vreme čitanja: ~ 1 min. ]

11. 11. 2016. anarhizam * sociologija / socijalna pravda
Mikhail Bakunin
Država i sloboda

[ vreme čitanja: ~ 9 min. ]

11. 12. 2016. anarhizam * sociologija / socijalna pravda
Grupa autora
Mali anarhistički zbornik

[ vreme čitanja: ~ 1 min. ]

23. 12. 2016. anarhizam * sociologija / socijalna pravda
Laslo Sekelj
O anarhizmu

[ vreme čitanja: ~ 1 min. ]

26. 04. 2017. anarhizam * sociologija / socijalna pravda
Rudolf Rocker
Metode anarho-sindikalizma: Anarho-sindikalizam u Porto Realu

[ vreme čitanja: ~ 4 min. ]

08. 02. 2018. anarhizam * feminizam * sociologija / socijalna pravda
Peggy Kornegger
Anarchism: The Feminist Connection

The essay has a nice overview of what anarchism is and isn't, and also a brief history of implementation attempts of anarchism in Spain 1936-39 and France 1968.
[ vreme čitanja: ~ 1 min. ]

28. 08. 2015. anarhizam * španski građanski rat
George Orwell
Homage to Catalonia

[ vreme čitanja: ~ 2 min. ]

25. 03. 2016. sociologija / socijalna pravda
Marx, Engels
Komunistički manifest

[ vreme čitanja: ~ 2 min. ]

02. 10. 2016. pariska komuna * sociologija / socijalna pravda
Donny Gluckstein
The Paris Commune: A Revolution in Democracy

[ vreme čitanja: ~ 1 min. ]

04. 02. 2017. strip * anarhizam * utopija / distopija
Alan Moore
V for Vendetta

[ vreme čitanja: ~ 5 min. ]

14. 07. 2017. SFRJ * KPJ * sociologija / socijalna pravda * Đilas
Milovan Đilas
Nova klasa

[ vreme čitanja: ~ 2 min. ]

12. 12. 2017. ekonomija * sociologija / socijalna pravda
Yanis Varoufakis
Ovaj svet može da bude bolji

Osnove ekonomije iz marksističkog ugla za trinaestogodišnje devojčice
[ vreme čitanja: ~ 1 min. ]

29. 12. 2017. sociologija / socijalna pravda
Albert Einstein
Why Socialism?

Einstein's take on inequality and injustice in the world, and how they could be solved.
[ vreme čitanja: ~ 4 min. ]

06. 02. 2018. sf * omiljene knjige * anarhizam
Ursula K. Le Guin
The Dispossessed

An interesting thought experiment of an anarchist society that was allowed to get established, to grow and evolve, set against a SF backdrop. Le Guin really puts lots of effort to imagine a realistic, believable society, and to try to predict problems it could face.
[ vreme čitanja: ~ 8 min. ]

04. 06. 2018. sociologija / socijalna pravda
Stéphane Hessel
Pobunite se!

Dovoljno kratko i jednostavno za čitanje da ga nije gre'ota čitati, ali nije nešto što naročito otvara oči.
[ vreme čitanja: ~ 4 min. ]

16. 06. 2018. esejistika * sociologija / socijalna pravda
George Orwell
Shooting an Elephant

Petnaestak interesantnih i pronicljivih eseja u kojima Orvel opisuje svoja iskustva i zapažanja u najrazličitijim okolnostima u kojima se nalazio (kolonijalni administrator u Burmi, prodavac u knjižari, bolesnik u siromašnoj bolnici u Francuskoj...)
[ vreme čitanja: ~ 1 min. ]

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