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15. 05. 2016. Noam Chomsky * sociologija / socijalna pravda
Noam Chomsky

Government in the Future


At the very beginning Chomsky says:

What is the role of the state in an advanced industrial society? To answer that question, I think it's useful to set up as a framework for discussion four somewhat idealized positions. I want to call these positions, first, classical liberal, second, libertatian socialist, third, state socialist, fourth, state capitalist. And I want to consider each in turn.

And then he goes on to do just that. A lot may be learned by dedicating only little more than an hour. Since this is actually a transcript of a talk that he gave, it may also be found as such here on youtube:

A printed one may be preferred since it provides notes and references and as much time as you need to think about it and it is more convenient to pause and reread passages and sentences when needed…

The complete transcript.

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