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F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby

Even though I found the style challenging at first (only at my third try at the book I managed to pass the first chapter, and when I did, I finished the whole book in a single reading), I grew to like it, and its cynicism and irony. Also it is interesting how the protagonist, surrounded by people and events that could be easily judged or criticized, just tries to tell the story impartially until the very end.

Killing off of Myrtle Wilson seemed somehow too convenient, in service of moving the plot and tying up the loose ends.

Daisy and Gatsby were speeding along the road, and Myrtle saw them, recognized the car (but did not see who is in the car), started running towards the car (“as if she wanted to tell them something”), and got accidentally hit (hard enough to kill her).

Either Daisy was driving too fast, and there’s no way that Myrtle would have time to react and approach them, or the speed was not fast enough for Daisy not to evade her, or Myrtle not to stop when she saw that Tom is not in the car.

Also, I can not picture the poor working people (Mr. Wilson) breaking in so easily in the mentions of rich people, twice in the same morning - once at the Buchanan’s and then at Gatsby’s. Don’t they have some fences, gates, guards, servants, butlers guarding their palaces. I was led to believe that they do. Again, it was convenient for driving the plot.

All in all, it’s ok, I will probably ready it again sometimes, but not very soon…

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