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09. 05. 2019. video manipulation * linux * ubuntu

ffmpeg tricks

Joining multiple videos without re-encoding

The files have to be of same resolution and bitrate. A list of all videos is created and the new text file is saved in the same directory where the files are, for example:

file 'input-1.mp4'
file 'input-2.mp4'
file 'input-3.mp4'

The following command is run in the same directory:

ffmpeg -f concat -i files.txt -c copy output.mp4

Cutting videos without re-encoding

method 1:

ffmpeg -ss <start> -i in1.mp4 -t <duration> -c copy out1.mp4 

method 2:

ffmpeg -ss <start> -i in1.mp4 -t <duration> out1.mp4
  • – the beginning of the part of a video ffmpeg is to cut out. Format: 00:00:00.0000, meaning hours:minutes:seconds:milliseconds.
  • – the duration of the part of a video ffmpeg is to cut out. Same format as above.


ffmpeg -ss 01:19:00 -i in1.avi -t 00:05:00 -c copy out1.avi
ffmpeg -ss 01:19:00 -i in1.avi -t 00:05:00 out1.avi