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07. 09. 2014. api * ruby

Building a JSON API in rails


Any object that implements #to_json can be serialized straight onto the world. Very useful for quick and dirty JSON APIs, since ActiveModel instances, including ActiveRecord and ActiveRecord associations, all implement this.

some controller

def show
  user = User.find(params[:id])
  render json: user

This will serialize all attributes in the user model. You can customize what is and isn’t exposed, but the baseline is exposing all attributes and then allowing you to blacklist/whitelist what you want. A big problem with this is that there’s no easy way to include request data in the responses (such as session information) and for more complicated representations you end up building complicated hashes and conditionals. Moreover, it means that for any complex payload you end up defining representation logic inside your model layer, which goes against basic separation of concerns.